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IESF World Championship Bali 2022

As a fresh breeze blows through the world after an apocalyptic age of grief and restraint, IESF is planning an unprecedented World eSports Championship to be launched in December 2022.


With the regional finals already underway and the finals just around the corner, the tournament is slowly beginning to make waves as its fame once again spreads through various eSports networks, fanning the flames of excitement in the hearts of all eSports fans. 


Some may be curious as to what exactly this event which everyone is so hyped about is. Read on and you will understand everything that you need to know about what this event entails and how it could be different from its predecessors.


What is IESF 2022?


The 14th installment in the IESF tournament series dating all the way back to 2009, the 2022 IESF World Championship is already underway with the finals scheduled to be held in December 2022, at Bali, Indonesia.


Featuring over 120 countries and 700+ international athletes, the competition is currently at an all time high in the battle for the opportunity to stand under the spotlight at the final playoffs.


Moreover, the IESF World Championship 2022 finals are planned at 5 different game stages accompanied by eSports entertainment and Cosplay events as well as exhibitions, creating a revolutionary experience for all eSports enthusiasts.


A large number of spectators, as much as over 50,000, are expected at the venue for this event apart from the large host of online attendees that are bound to be present.


What are the games?


This year’s IESF World Championship announces 6 titles for eSports athletes to compete in namely Dota 2, CS:GO, Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, Tekken 7 and e-Football (the rebranded pro evolution soccer).


What’s special here is that CS:GO, in fact, hosts 2 championship titles. This has special significance due to the fact that the 2nd title is the first ever Women’s Exclusive CS:GO Championship held within the IESF League, held in partnership with GIRLGAMER eSports festival. 


What is the prize pool?


The tournament this time boasts a prize pool of $500,000, a much larger increase compared to 2021 where the prize was no more than $55,000 in total,

creating much more enthusiasm among the players and raising the expectations for the event by multiple folds.


This massive prize pool is divided among the 7 tournaments in the following allotments:


DOTA 2 – $100,000

Mobile Legends Bang Bang – $100,000

PUBG Mobile – $100,000

CS:GO – $100,000

CS:GO (Female) – $50,000

Tekken 7 – $25,000

e-Football – $25,000


Who can Join in?


Each country within the game is represented by a terrifying line-up of players who have risen beyond all the opposition within their local playing fields, the best among the best in their respective games, each team looking to spread their dominance to a larger stage at every opportunity.


However, while it is true that not everyone can become a participant in the games, you can always be one of the many spectators or attendees of this spectacular event! Not only do the final rounds this year have online broadcasts, but the physical capacity of attendees is as high as 50,000!


The WE Summit 2022 – get more Insight into the Big Leagues


Did you know that the 7th World eSports Summit 2022 is already underway?


Being held from 29th September to 2nd October 2022, this year’s event finally sees the light of day after being restricted to a virtual session in 2021 due to the rise of COVID-19 at the Busan eSports Arena in South Korea.


This year’s eSports Summit features 40+ renowned speakers and over 150 live attendees to cover 8 Key topics of discussion that will no doubt lead to the betterment of eSports.


In addition, you might be excited to learn that even YOU have the opportunity to be a part of this summit as you can easily tune in to the IESF YouTube channel for the live broadcast of the event.