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MSI Modern Series : Maximum Productivity on the Go!

Being one of the world’s leading computer brands, MSI represents the pinnacle of consumer-friendly computer hardware and laptops with products ranging from general purpose laptops to industry grade rigs, leaving no tier of consumer unsatisfied. This brings our attention to the latest installment made by MSI to their arsenal of laptops, the MSI Modern Series, which has performed unexpectedly well by attracting a lot of customers ever since its release in the past year.


What’s special about the MSI Modern Series?


Laying their eyes on the niche of productivity and general purpose laptops, MSI introduces their Modern Series of laptops as their latest offering tailor-made for individuals looking to boost their productivity to the next level.


Owing to their reputation of being among the best brands in the laptop market, MSI provides their consumers with the latest generation of hardware in the Modern series of laptops, ensuring a long life and great efficiency handling all current and future software to come. Moreover, designed with elegance and productivity in mind, the MSI Modern series of laptops is dedicated to being a stylish and ultra portable alternative to the usual bulky laptop.


Features of the MSI Modern Series


Armed with AMD Ryzen 5000 mobile series and Intel Core Processors from 11th Gen to the latest 13th Gen boasting up to 10 CPU cores, all Modern series laptops guarantee a high level of performance in whatever task the user may want to perform, efficiently using the full power of the device granted by its other peripherals.


Designed to help their users stay productive, the MSI Modern series offers laptop variants with dedicated graphics as well, providing the extra support that may be required by professions with higher demand for power such as graphic designers and other content creators.

In a bid to further enhance the user experience of the Modern Series, each of the laptops are fitted with a range of ports and connections that enable a seamless connection with all necessary external devices, leaving the users worry free about not having enough ports.


In regard to the software that accompanies the devices, each laptop comes pre-installed with the MSI Center application which allows users to fully optimize their laptops however they need with easily adjustable system modes and resources.


With so many premium features and hardware packed in an ultra-slim chassis with a total weight of less than 2KG, the MSI Modern series presents an irresistible charm for all professionals who seek higher levels of productivity.




Keeping up with the latest technologies in the laptop market is never an easy task, especially so for people who are tight on their budgets. As the demand for power keeps scaling higher and higher in order to run certain applications, users are left with no choice other than to move to newer models, thereby bringing them to the dilemma everyone is familiar with: ‘which laptop should you buy’?


As an answer to this predicament, in a world where most budget friendly laptops deny users a powerful device backed with a premium finish, the MSI Modern series stands out like a beacon of light by offering extremely affordable options which are as low as $600!


MSI Modern 14 and MSI Modern 15. Which is best for you?


A laptop from the MSI Modern Series is definitely an excellent choice for all types of users regardless. Finding the right model for yourself becomes easier still after being aware of the main two types of laptops offered in the series, namely the MSI Modern 14 and MSI Modern 15.


The key differences between the MSI Modern 14 and the Modern 15 lie in the size of their displays with the former featuring a 14.0” Full HD (1920×1080), IPS-Level Display while the latter sports a 15.6″ Full HD (1920×1080), IPS-Level Display.


Other than this key difference, both models offer backlit keyboards for ease of use at any moment of the day, contributing to the productivity of the user even during emergencies. The overall typing experience on the Modern Series of laptops has so far been hailed as extremely responsive and satisfying by all users.


While both devices have an excellent selection of ports, the MSI Modern 14 model supports an extra USB C port while also having a full sized SD card reader as opposed to Modern 15. Moreover, users who prefer having increased security when it comes to their data may find certain models of the Modern series more appealing that support Kensington Lock.


While not as light as the MSI Modern 14, if you are looking for better performance and more power in your device, the Modern 15 is the much more desirable with its almost unnoticeably bulkier yet still elegant frame standing at only a few hundred grams heavier than their counterpart.


While these specifications may vary depending on newer builds, it only shows that all needs of the user can be easily met with the selection of laptops offered within the MSI Modern Series. Whichever of these options you decide to stick with, you can rest assured to have spent your budget on the best possible laptop within that price range that suits your needs.




From entertainment to productivity, the MSI Modern Series covers all your needs with excellent performance.Backed by a highly-optimized and efficient battery within a light-weight build and thin body MSI Modern helps you bring elegance to work and look stylish all at once!