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IPLAY MLBB Championship Bhutan 2022

Overview Winners Rules Schedule Draw
October 10, 2022
7:00 pm


IPLAY makes its debut in Bhutan with the launch of the IPLAY Frozen Summit 2022 MLBB championship. This tournament can be considered as the first of many steps planned towards the aim of enriching eSports in all of Bhutan. With an attractive prize pool of 7000 diamonds worth in-game rewards, players from every corner of Bhutan are welcome to join us in our grand endeavor!


Icy Paradise
Bhutan ESports


Rules and Regulations

  1. Eligibility
    • This tournament is strictly for Bhutan and players from any other region will not be accepted.
  2. Registration
    • Teams may register at the IPLAY official website.
    • Each team should have no more or no less than 7 players upon registration.
    • A player can only represent a single team within the tournament. If detected otherwise, the respective teams may be disqualified from the event.
    • After registration ends and the tournament begins, the team roster can no longer be changed.
  3. Communication
    • All players are required to have both WhatsApp and Discord accounts upon registration. All procedures after the initial registration process will be done via these 2 platforms.
    • The team leader is required to submit his WhatsApp number upon registration.
  4. Pre-Match
    • The team leader should be available to contact on WhatsApp on the days when his team has a match.
    • All players participating in a game have to be present in Discord 30 minutes before their allocated match time. Failure to do so within that time window will lead to the opposing team earning a walkover.
  5. In-Game Rules
    Teams may freely swap between the reserve and main roster players between matches. Each team will be provided 2 pause requests per game. Each of these pauses extends up to
    2 minutes. However, in case of unexpected situations, the referee is given the power to enact the 3rd pause.
    Pauses can only be requested through WhatsApp.
    • If teams have any concerns regarding the tournament draw & schedule, they must file a request at least 24 hours before the start of the match. Late requests will not be entertained.
    • In case of any other concerns, please contact IPLAY Bhutan and express your queries




2022 Oct 10, 7:00 pm
2022 Oct 17, 11:59 pm

Event Organizer

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